What is business & life coaching?

Personal development coachingGet your life back in balance with transformational coaching.

What is business and life coaching and how does it work? Life Coaching and / or Business Coaching is available one-to-one in Sheffield, or equally personally via telephone, video-phone or e-mail in the UK, USA and worldwide.

Life or business coaching is for you if you:

  • Find that your stress levels are too high
  • Feel unfulfilled in life
  • Have relationship difficulties
  • Are heading towards divorce
  • Feel that your life is out of balance
  • Have lost your passion and purpose in life
  • Feel stuck
  • Have let your health and wellness goals slip
  • Have a desire to reconnect with your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Lack motivation
  • Procrastinate
  • Have lost your confidence and self esteem
  • Constantly please others and forget your own needs

So, what is life coaching and how does it work?

identify what you want and how to get there

Coaching sessions assist you in identifying what you want to achieve in your life. You will discover what is important to you, and a way to fulfill your goals and dreams and to have the life you have always wanted. You will learn how to develop strategies for ongoing success and fulfillment. You will achieve more clarity of thought so you can take action and move from where you are now, to where you want to be.

realise your full potential

The sessions are all about you and are designed to meet your own individual needs. You will be able to discover and work confidently through any issues or blockages that prevent you from achieving your personal best. Your Coach is not going to tell you how to live your life. Isobel will however actively encourage support and guide you to find your own answers and hold you accountable for your results. Your Coach is your personal mentor that helps you realize your full potential and is committed to your success.

move away from the problem into the solution

In the sessions you will have the opportunity to explore your feelings and issues. Your Coach provides non-judgmental and objective input to move you towards what you want, and away from what you are creating that is not inline with your goals. You will be encouraged to move away from the problem and into the solution.

realise new opportunities and possibilities

Your Coach will listen, ask questions, challenge your thinking and thought processes that are not working and give you feedback from what they hear. This acts as a springboard for you to discover new opportunities and possibilities that enable you to create the transformation and life improvement you seek. Coaching is not therapy. Whilst your Coach has over seventeen years experience using Holistic based therapies, her goal is not to 'fix' you. Her primary objective is to help you create new opportunities and live your live to the fullest.

Coaching sessions are available in:

  • Relationships
  • Women's issues
  • Health & Wellness
  • Expatriate issues
  • Family issues
  • Men's issues
  • Spirituality
  • Divorce

The benefits of coaching

  • Focuses on positive action
  • You achieve much more working with your coach than you would alone
  • The Coaching process empowers, motivates and stimulates you
  • You are able to break through any limiting beliefs or self doubt
  • Your full potential is unlocked
  • The sessions inspire, and support you in creating change
  • Live a fulfilled and authentic life
  • Achieve direction and purpose
  • Regain and maintain self confidence and self esteem
  • Gain clarity in issues you are dealing with
  • Be empowered to make the best life choices and decisions, easily and effectively
  • Enable you to design the life that fits who you are
  • Develop and implement action plans that move you forward
  • Increased stress reduction, health and wellness
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased self confidence and self esteem
  • Better time management and organization
  • Holding self responsible for all personal and positive change

If you want your life to go beyond acceptable into fantastic, then Coaching is for you!

What would be the best kick-start for you? Take a look at our coaching programmes:

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