Where do I begin, what does life coaching cost?

Isobel McArthur Transformational Training offers the following options for life and business coaching:

  • Telephone coaching
  • E-mail coaching
  • One-to-one coaching

Telephone coaching

This is by far the most popular option for clients for coaching. The advantages are:

  • No need to travel to the appointment location, saving both time and expense
  • International clients are able to choose the best Coach for them, no matter which country either resides in
  • It's easy to fit in with your busy lifestyle and commitments
  • Most people find it easier to open up on the phone than face-to-face
  • Internet phone technology enables the calls to be cost effective or even free

laying the foundations for success

During our initial conversation with Isobel you will explore your needs and requirements, what you want to achieve from the coaching process, what your coach is committed to, and the commitments you will be expected to make to this powerful relationship. The number and frequency of sessions will also be agreed. E-mail support will also be available between sessions.

Sessions are normally of forty minutes duration, four times a month. The initial session may be a little longer. It is recommended that the Coaching relationship run for a minimum of three months. This allows time for significant transformation to take effect. The sessions are extended month by month as required thereafter. Fees are paid in advance on a monthly basis.

it can start to work before you start!

For many, the act of making the initial commitment of investing in yourself through booking your initial set up call brings about unexpected shifts just in itself. Are you ready to invest in yourself enough to get what you really want?

Contact Isobel for a chat to discuss how it could work for you.


"Words cannot say how much I benefited from sessions with Isobel. I was not sure what to expect, however I always left feeling calm and focused. Try it once and FEEL the difference in your entire mind and body. Mostly, the sessions with Isobel helped me to find clarity and peace, an inner feeling of well-being. I have been able to reach within myself and to consequently achieve my goals and dreams." Jane P Kunwar

"I will never forget the first time I called you for an appointment. It was like you knew what I needed immediately." Anon.


What does life coaching cost?

The Total Transformation Plan

Cost: USD$500 per month

  • Four 45 minute telephone sessions per month
  • E-mail support
  • Two Crisis Calls

The Total Transformation Plan is for you if you are ready to make significant positive changes in your life

This Plan promotes the quickest results, change and transformation, with optimum support


Gently Gently

Cost: USD$250 per month

  • Two 40 minute telephone sessions per month
  • E-mail support
  • One Crisis call

This programme will suit you if you need to make changes, but in small steps. Ideal if you want to work slowly and tackle small goals.


Individual crisis calls

Cost: USD$150 up to one hour

Sometimes things happen in life that you don't quite expect. The timing of these events can affect your day to life, your emotional state, and your sense of wellbeing. If you need immediate coaching and support, then please click the button below to sign up by paying through PayPal.

Book a crisis call now >

In booking a crisis call by clicking the button above you will have automatically sent an e-mail to Isobel and will also have provided information on how best to contact you. You will receive a call within 24 hours to assist you through your crisis.


E-mail coaching

Cost: USD$150 up to one hour

This is an effective coaching programme which is customized and tailor made to meet your own individual needs. The e-mail coaching programme appeals to those with a very busy lifestyle.

  • One e-mail per week, for three months on a specific day, dealing with the presenting issue
  • Commitment to a 3 month programme


Emergency e-mail coaching

Cost: USD$50 per emergency e-mail

If you find yourself in a situation where you need urgent support and guidance, and e-mail is your preferred communication tool, then this is for you. Isobel will respond within 24 hours on payment of the amount due. Click the button below if you would like to book emergency e-mail coaching:

Book emergency e-mail coaching now >


One-to-one coaching in person

Cost: USD$550 per month

  • Four sessions with Isobel in person

Many people don't think twice before buying the latest mobile phone, sunglasses, or gadget. Many would spend more on an evening out than they would invest in their core wellbeing through Coaching Sessions. Such treats don't contribute to your long term happiness or move you out of a stuck state whereas coaching is designed to do just that.

The question is this:
How much do you value living a happy and fulfilling life? The life you have always wanted?
The benefits of coaching are long term and last forever.

You can select what works best for you and your lifestyle. Isobel has Clients all over the world. With current communication technologies, distance and cost are not an issue.

Are you ready to commit to self and welcome success in an area that is not as fantastic as it could be? Then Contact Isobel now >


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