Spiritual coaching

Spiritual coaching is designed to enhance the spiritual dimension of your life.

Spiritual coaching does not attempt to persuade you to adopt or believe in any particular faith, doctrine or belief system.

If you have a faith of one persuasion or another, Spiritual Coaching can help you to enhance it. Whether you subscribe to a faith or are an agnostic or atheist, Spiritual Coaching often helps to enhance the areas of joy, wonder and core-wellbeing, in your life.

Would you like to:

  • Have a deeper connection to source energy
  • Be more peaceful, calm and serene
  • Learn the value and benefits of transformation meditation
  • Let go of negativity and embrace positive change
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Learn how to communicate with your own guidance system
  • Enhance your own innate spiritual gifts and abilities
  • Be aware of the many spiritual paths
  • Expand your spiritual growth

"Yes" to any of those? Then Spiritual Coaching sessions are for you.

a powerful way to gain clarity

As the planet is now undergoing huge shifts in consciousness, many people are experiencing energy shifts, changes and transformations in their lives today. In their search for a deeper connection and spiritual growth they may feel lost or confused.

There are many pathways to becoming more spiritual. Guidance, and support from spiritual coaching helps to light the way.

Spiritual coaching is a powerful way to gain clarity, insight and understanding to find your way through life that enables you to feel more peace, contentment and sense of purpose.

tap into your true unlimited potential

During the sessions you will be encouraged to make choices based on joy and love, rather than obligation, fear, and wanting to please others. When you are honest with yourself and your life choices you gain a clear connection to authenticity. You will learn how to quieten the chatter of the "monkey mind". You are then easily able to tap into the messages and guidance of your higher mind. You will learn excellent methods of stress reduction that help you to make positive life changes, and to tap into your true unlimited potential.

tailored specifically towards your needs

Spirituality is deeply personal, and as such sessions are tailored specifically towards your needs. Your coach will assist you in awakening your own inherent gifts and abilities to move you towards discovering and realizing your higher purpose.

Isobel is both a natural intuitive, and a metaphysician. She taps into this during the sessions to assist exciting processes of transformation.

Ready to give it a taste or to find out more? Contact Isobel >


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