Self development testimonials and case studies

A sample of testimonials and case studies from participants of various Isobel McArthur Transformational Training programmes are listed below.

Real life stories help to bring it all home, if you can "see yourself" in any of these examples then please do get in touch so that we can explore how best to help you.


Self development testimonials

"I was able to ... move on ... where I felt stuck"

"I went to Isobel for kinesiology to help me work through an emotional issue I was not letting go of. Isobel's warm and gentle disposition put me at complete ease and meant that I felt entirely comfortable delving into some emotions that were hard to confront and reach. Kinesiology fascinated me as it touches on both your physical and emotional states and helps you to appreciate and understand how closely aligned our emotional well-being and physical well-being are and vice versa. Through kinesiology and with Isobel's help I was able to forgive in order to free myself from negative emotions and move on in areas of my life where I felt stuck and unable to ever move forward." Natalie G

"It was like you knew what I needed immediately"

"Dearest Isobel,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write a testimonial for you, and for your unfailing support and help. Where and how can I begin to say what a godsend you have been for both Nikhil and myself!! I met you when I was going through one of the toughest periods in my life � my father had just passed away and Nikhil had left to go to Canada to study. I was struggling with my weight and food intolerance issues � I will never forget the first time I called you for an appointment. It was like you knew what I needed immediately. Since then, you have become my mentor and Life Coach!

Isobel is a very gifted, well read and practiced Holistic and Spiritual person, who is much more talented than she lets on. She gives whole-heartedly, is generous, understanding and extremely supportive � bless her, she has been a rock of support for both me and my son and is always there to help, support and guide BUT NEVER force us to do anything.

She is qualified in a number disciplines, (the list is endless � so best ask her), but I have been to her for Food Intolerance Testing, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy & Reiki � I think she is BRILLIANT and would and do recommend her without the tiniest doubt!!! And I can't thank her enough, for guiding me.

May God Bless You!!!" Anita D'Souza

"The workshops are informative, fun and inspirational"

"I have had the great pleasure of being introduced to Reiki by Isobel. First through being treated by her and then by being taught Reiki from level 1 to Master level with Isobel. She is a wonderfully intuitive sensitive healer and an inspirational teacher. If you feel the need to get back in touch with yourself or simply to experience total relaxation, I can fully recommend Reiki with Isobel. I have taken part in Isobel's chakra workshops and development evenings and really enjoyed them all. The workshops are informative, fun and inspirational, a must for anyone looking to discover more about themselves and the spiritual world around them." Tania

"a life changing experience"

"Three years ago I began to see Isobel for kinesiology sessions. I was also receiving reflexology from Isobel. What I didn�t reckon on was how wonderful that personal journey would be. When we were at school our religion teacher described our minds as being like onions, explaining that certain people see different layers and that we often don't even see the inner layers ourselves. The sessions with Isobel helped me to see my inner layers. A great testimony to Isobel is how confident and secure I felt exploring these sometimes difficult and uncomfortable topics which my inner layers threw up! It was not always easy. It really can be a life changing experience." Claire W

"helped me to find clarity and peace"

"Words cannot say how much I benefited from sessions with Isobel. I was not sure what to expect, however I always left feeling calm and focused. Try it once and FEEL the difference in your entire mind and body. Mostly, the sessions with Isobel helped me to find clarity and peace, an inner feeling of well-being. I have been able to reach within myself and to consequently achieve my goals and dreams." Jane P Kunwar

"I absolutely love her sessions"

"Isobel does not just have healing hands but also a healing heart. I absolutely love her sessions, they are done with such a personal touch and genuine care and compassion. These sessions have helped me come through an extremely difficult time of my life. She was there to give me the support any time I needed. Isobel, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart." Gwen W

"a profound and positive effect"

"Meeting Isobel was a life changing experience for me. I have done several of her courses which have been extremely informative and enjoyable as well as work towards and gain my Reiki mastership with her. I love Reiki because it has had such a profound and positive effect on my life on a physical, emotional, and spiritual and health level. Not only is Isobel exceptionally good and professional at what she does but I believe she is an angel being sent from heaven to help many. She has an innate love for what she does and for wanting to share her knowledge and help others. I love and admire her personally and professionally." Leanne B


Self development case studies

Weight loss

"My weight had been out of control for years. Between starving and bingeing my health began to suffer. I tried diets, meal supplements, pills everything! Following sessions with Isobel focusing on healthy eating and achievable goals, I am now at my target weight and maintaining my weight easily." TL

Smoking cessation

"I was desperate to stop smoking. I had moved into a new relationship with a non smoker and he couldn't stand the smell on my clothes and hair. Following the quit smoking programme, I am now a non smoker and will be a non smoker for the rest of my life!" Melanie D

Self confidence

"On return to the workplace after a long break of child rearing, I was severely lacking in confidence. It was difficult for me to function as I was so nervous. Last week I received my second promotion � thank you Isobel in helping to reclaim my belief in myself." Anna

Presentation skills

"Standing in front of people and speaking had always made me feel horribly uncomfortable. My legs would shake, and my voice would tremble. I knew I had to conquer this if I was to climb the career ladder. Today I give presentations to prospective customers confidently." John T


"I had heard of hypnofertilty when I browsed Two IVF's and no medical reason why I couldn't get pregnant left me feeling frustrated. I had four sessions with Isobel combined with reflexology, and I gave birth last year to a bouncing baby boy. I found the sessions incredibly relaxing, and very enlightening." Anon


Business and life coaching testimonials and case studies

Divorce coaching

"Going through divorce was the most painful experience of my life. There were children involved, and my partner was extremely difficult. Isobel gave me ongoing guidance and support. She was non judgmental, and kind. I would have found it extremely difficult to have gone through this without her. I have learned so much about myself and inner strengths, and feel empowered and the happiest I have been in such a long time. " Sandra

Abuse recovery

"Abuse early on in my life left me with fears and doubts that were holding me back in so many ways. Through regular sessions with Isobel I have found my "true" self again. My life is changing in the most amazing ways." LF

Spiritual coaching

"My life had become so out of balance and hectic. I desperately needed balance and calm. Sessions with Isobel awoke something within me. I began a path of self discovery and self development which led to me attending her many spiritual workshops and courses. My life today is so different. I have inner peace and contentment and I live my life at a much slower pace yet achieving more. I consider Isobel as "my life change guru!". Nayla

Expatriate coaching

"Moving abroad was very scary for me. I did not know what to expect. I felt very isolated and lonely and had difficulty settling into the country I found myself living in. Through coaching sessions with Isobel this is no longer the case. I have a new circle of friends, interests and hobbies. I am not as homesick as I was. Expatriate coaching was invaluable to me, and helped me feel more confident to truly enjoy the country and its diversity. Isobel has been an expat herself for many years and has much knowledge to share from personal experience." Anon

Wellness coaching

"I didn't realize how out of shape I had become until I did my annual executive check up. To say I was horribly shocked at the results was an understatement. I needed to take action and quickly to address my health and wellness issues. Isobel worked with me on a programme that fitted in with my lifestyle, and that I would be motivated to continue. That was three months ago and I can honestly say I am bursting with energy these days." Nigel B


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