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Isobel McArthur's Transformational Training is available through a wide variety coaching programmes, workshops and courses, one-to-one sessions, residential retreats, and digital media, all with proven success. Click on an example below to learn more.

Mainstream personal development programmes

Life coaching for personal and business development:

Neuro Linguistic Programming:

Hypnotherapy programmes:

Workshops and courses:

E-courses for personal development:

You can now take a variety of personal development programmes at your own pace via downloadable e-courses >

Holistic retreats:

Can't decide which option is best for you? Draw from the best of them all, treat yourself to a few days of rejuvenation at a holistic retreat >


Some more estoteric options for personal development

Isobel McArthur Transformation Training also caters for a range of esoteric approaches to self development and healing. Esoteric options are simply those that are not mainstream in Western cultures. These approaches can be adopted as a main focus for development or in combination with the mainstream approaches listed above. The choice depends on your personal outlook.


Too much choice? Not sure where to start? Do get in touch for an informal chat to explore what is best for you. Contact Isobel >

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personal development programmes sheffield, business development programmes sheffield Personal and business development programmes in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Leeds. Isobel McArthur Transformational Training offers inspirational programmes drawing on a range of disciplines from life coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy and more holistic disciplines. Life and business coaching in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Leeds
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