Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

"Neuro Linguistic Programming is the most powerful tool for change that exists today."

What is NLP?

Personal development with NLPNLP can be defined as the study of excellence in human performance and of fulfilling one's true unlimited potential. It is about becoming aware of modes of behaviour and communication patterns that are not serving us, and reprogramming them to transform ourselves towards excellence. NLP is about "how" you think rather than "what". NLP is about moving you from where you don't want to be to the direction you want to go!

NLP is used for personal growth and self improvement

Richard Bandler, a leader in the field of NLP, says "it is important to emphasize that NLP is an educational tool, not a form of therapy".

  • Neuro
  • Linguistic
  • Programming
  • The mind and how we think
  • How we use our language
  • How we sequence our action to create our outcomes
    (we develop an ability to programme negative to positive)

Once you identify your behaviour patterns, you are then able to transform them. You may have noticed that you consistently repeat the same modes of behaviour over and over (even though they may be negative). These modes of behaviour may limit you, and keep you stuck in a state where you are unable to reach your goals.

  • NLP provides powerful tools that enable you to release and change unwanted negative behaviours
  • NLP provides a way for you to experiment and explore so that you are able to create the desired results you seek
  • NLP also has the flexibility that if one technique is not working then you can try another
  • NLP is simple, powerful and effective.

Where can NLP help?

NLP can successfully develop both personal and business performance through:

  • Reducing stress
  • Letting go of fears & phobias
  • Creating a more balanced life
  • Better communication skills
  • An enhanced ability to read and understand others
  • Increased confidence
  • Goal setting & achievement
  • Personal Development
  • Mastery of your life

If there is an area of your personal or business life where you experience a lack of power, freedom or effectiveness then NLP could be for you.

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Isobel McArthur is both a Certified Master Coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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