Business & Life coaching: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does coaching work?

Sometimes in our hectic busy life, we find it difficult to identify what our life goals are and what we need to do to create the change to enable us to live a more effective and fulfilling life. Coaching works because it gives you this quality time and provides the tools and insights required to find solutions.

the fish does not see the water

We typically cannot see out of the paradigms in which we operate. Coaching allows you to uncover these, let go of them where they are not helpful, and shift to a higher level of being that is more inspiring and effective.


How do I know I will benefit from Coaching?

Everyone can benefit from coaching. You are ready for coaching if you are willing to invest time, commitment and effort to the sessions and complete any required action to move you towards your goals.

"Sometimes we just need that extra push, the feeling that you have someone cheering you on to be the best you can be. Moving out of my comfort zone was a major challenge for me. I now see life with a brighter more positive perspective, and I know I can deal with any obstacles or challenges that life throws at me with confidence and ease. Thankyou Isobel." J Taylor

It is not about being hassled until you do what's in your best interest, there's no fun in that. Coaching with Isobel is about breaking out of past constraints to clearly see a new vision of how things can be. Once seen you are naturally drawn, success becomes inevitable, challenges become fun and irresistible.


Do I need to have a specific issue or goal in mind?

Ultimately, if you choose to attend coaching sessions it will be because a part of your life is not working as well as it could be. You will have a genuine desire to change your life. Some people have very clear definitive goals in mind, however many do not. Through coaching you will gain clarity and perspective, and discover solutions and strategies to bring about permanent positive change.


What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

you don't need to be broken

A key difference between coaching and therapy is that therapy is designed to heal areas that are damaged or broken whereas you do not need to require fixing in any way to benefit from coaching.

you let go of baggage

Therapy often involves looking into the past to provide healing. Coaching is primarily concerned with you taking action and moving towards the best life you can live. Coaching focuses on the present and future but you are not free to do that unless you let go of your baggage from the past. Coaching does deal with the past in that it provides new perspectives that allow you to leave the past in the past which in turn frees you up to create a new way of being in the present and future.

you stop going round in circles

In other words, we stop going round in circles. Transformation occurs when are vision and actions are aligned and free from limiting constraints.


How do the coaching sessions work?

Coaching may take place over the phone or via free internet based systems such as e-mail, Skype calls, Skype video calls or live chat. One-to-one sessions are also available in person depending on location.


How many sessions are normally required?

Coaching is a process to ensure you are empowered to start taking action towards a specific goal. As the client you decide what is right for you.


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