Learn energy protection techniques in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Leeds

Energy protection training course, Dubai, UK, USALearn energy protection techniques with Isobel McArthur Transformational Training - Sheffield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Leeds, also in Dubai, the USA and worldwide.

Do you:

  • Feel drained and tired after mixing with certain people?
  • Wake up feeling fatigued even after a long sleep?
  • Feel sensitive to atmospheres?
  • Find you computer zaps your energy?
  • Suffer from repeated ailments with no medical explanation?
  • Sense 'other energies' around you?
  • Work in close proximity with other people?

These are all signs that you may need energy protection. Your energy field (aura) has been breached.

We are all surrounded by an auric field of energy. When our auric field is strong, and we use energy protection techniques, we are full of vitality and energy. However if the auric field is damaged or affected negatively in any way then we suffer from energy depletion and lack of energy. When there are holes in the aura, our energy leaks out and other energies can enter.

The energy protection course will teach you:

  • How to recognize when your energy field is being affected
  • Specific techniques to strengthen your aura
  • How to minimize the effects of electromagnetic and geopathic stress
  • How other people's negativity affects you and how to avoid negative impacts
  • How to cleanse your home and work environment of negative energy
  • Ways to raise the positive vibrational energy of your home and work place
  • Powerful visualization and imagery techniques
  • How to use energy protection techniques to enhance your health

On completion of this course you will be able to use energy protection techniques effectively to revitalize your life. To discuss your needs contact Isobel >

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