Colour therapy training course - Sheffield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Leeds

Isobel McAurthur Transformational Training offers an introduction to colour therapy. This is your opportunity to learn about colour therapy in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Leeds or (by request) worldwide.

promote prosperity, success, and personal growth

Colour affects our moods, emotions health, mental faculties and, obviously, also the impression that we make. Learn how to select the correct colours for your dress, home, and work environment, to promote prosperity, success, and personal growth.

gentle and effective

Colour Therapy is a gentle and effective way to enhance and balance the body's energies (and for those interested in chakras, it can be linked to the chakra concept too). The healing process of the body is stimulated by using the seven colours of the light spectrum.

restore balance and harmony

Colour therapy is based on the concept that it is an imbalance of the interplay of light within our energetic system that can lead to impaired health. By introducing the colour that is required we are able to restore balance and harmony. Colour therapy has been used throughout history.

The correct use of colour helps to boost the immune system, and promotes healing from within.

On the colour therapy course you will learn:

  • The history of colour therapy
  • How to incorporate the seven colours of the spectrum to help balance mind and body
  • Techniques for colour treatment
  • How to select the right colours in the home
  • Auric colours
  • Interpretation of the colours
  • Colour meditation
  • The colour wheel
  • Colour and crystals

If you would like to explore developing skills in colour therapy then this training course could be your perfect introduction. Get in touch to discuss your needs. For an informal chat or to book onto a course contact Isobel >

Colour therapy training course - Sheffield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Leeds


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