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For thousands of years, Eastern cultures have recognized the importance of the chakras to our physical, mental, and spiritual health. The belief is that within the body, there lie seven vital energy centers. We cannot see or feel them. They take in energy and transmit it around the body.

Through the centers, known as chakras, life energy flows and is processed.

In Sanskrit (the ancient Indian language), chakra means wheel or circle. The chakra wheels rotate at different rates. The lower chakras spin much slower than the higher chakras. The crown chakra revolves at the highest speed.

The chakras are arranged vertically from the base of the spine up to the top of the head. They are part of an energy pathway. How energy flows in and out of the chakras and up and down this pathway greatly affects us. Balanced chakras allow energy to flow freely which in turn promotes health, vitality and harmony. However, negative life experiences such as illness, trauma and stress can cause imbalances and the chakras can become blocked or overloaded.

Chakra imbalances need to be addressed, as if the condition continues over a long period of time, it will affect our health.

Chakras can be cleared, rebalanced and energized using many different techniques, some of which you will learn about on this course.

Although there are many chakras in the body, the Isobel McArthur Transformational Training course concentrates on the seven main chakras to optimize health and vitality.

On the chakra course you will learn:

  • What chakras are
  • How we journey through each chakra in our life
  • The function of each individual chakra
  • The 'theme' and vibration of each chakra
  • How to cleanse the chakras
  • How to recognize blockages in the chakras
  • The corresponding colour, and mantra for each chakra
  • How to balance the chakras using a variety of techniques
  • How the chakras link with our aura (energetic field)
  • Chakra meditation
  • How to open and close our chakras
  • Using a pendulum with the chakras
  • Gemstone healing

If you think that a journey through the chakras could be for you then, do get in touch to discuss your needs. For an informal chat or to book onto a course contact Isobel >

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